Snowapple is an international artists’ collective of creators and storytellers, who love new encounters, collaborations and artistic experiments.

We come from various backgrounds and mix different practices, knowledge and traditions. We create profound, multidisciplinary projects that combine media such as movement, theater, mime, puppetry, music, singing, poetry, visual art and film.

Read more about our projects below:

Cyborg Experiments

Since 2023 Snowapple has been focusing on the experimental and multidisciplinary elements of the collective developing the theme Cyborg Experiments : finding new forms to

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SHE will present you a spectacle. SHE will play songs that make you laugh and make you cry, songs that get your feet tapping. When SHE

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Casa Snowapple Mx

In 2021, at Casa Snowapple Mx we open our doors to offer national and international artists the necessary time and space away from their usual

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Jardin Rouge

Jardin Rouge is a polymorphous, traveling and pluridisciplinary international festival. The objective of this ‘total’ festival is to create a space of freedom and creation,

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Snowapple operates a film production house, focused on hybrid forms of cinema. We merge art, theater, film and everything in between to create a unique

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Snowapple Music

Snowapple’s music is characterized by idiosyncratic arrangements, and is sometimes described as folk-avant-garde-pop-cumbia with a punk edge.  We specialize in quirky, philosophical songs and poetry

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Snowapple is characterized by its desire to meet, share and constantly learn from others. Therefore Snowapple organises a wide scale of different workshops on topics

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In 2023, Snowapple Collective received funding to support women artists in an attempt to experiment with new creative forms and modes of expression. With this

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