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A MoonLess Night- Coming Fall 2024

The cinematic reimagining of Snowapple’s surrealist cabaret: Mr. Moon, A Moonless Night combines puppetry, mime, and international styles of music to tell the story of the moon’s fall from the night sky.


The strange patrons of a bar become even stranger when the moon falls from the night sky. Confusion reigns; a business mogul’s pedantry clashes with a diva’s hypnotic lyrics, the bartender’s smile grows suspicious, and the bus boy spills every drink he touches. And all the while the moon herself wanders the unfamiliar earth, her search for balance pulling on the tide of human emotions that awaits her in the bar. 


Director: Eva Schumacher, Nora Tinholt, Laurien Schreuder

Dramaturgy & Text: Eva Schumacher

Music Composition: Laurien 

Creative Director: Nora Tinholt 

Cinematographer:  Shadi Chaaban

Producer: Talia Shea Levin

Music Production: David Michael Ott 

Water Song

Women of the world unite: Together we bring in light! The artist village of Ruigoord has teamed up with Snowapple Collective and sisters from all over the world to address a pressing global issue – the water crisis. This music video, created by Keri Pickett (Pickett Pictures LLC), follows an art residency during the 50th anniversary of Landjuweel festival in Ruigoord, collaborating with Snowapple, multiple musicians and international indigenous water protectors. Ruigoord is a community outside of Amsterdam formed by squatters in 1973 which ultimately became a harmonious magnet for seekers of music, freedom and art. More than 120 people were part of this project. The Water Song is about togetherness, protecting nature, sisterhood, and joy.


Artistic Director: Masja Ottenheim 

Lyrics: Rose Kareemi Ponce 

Composer: Laurien Schreuder (SHE) 

Concept: Keri Pickett 

Prayer & Chant: Shirley Krenack

Vocalists: Laurien Schreuder, Guusje Ingen Housz, Rose Kareemi Ponce, Ya Bia D’Osumare, Leticia Gallardo, Sandhya Sanjana, Celine Dewy Moerti 

Violin: Carolijn Terwindt

Guitar: Cynthia Martinez 

Percussion: Celine Dewy Moerti, Milou, Bintou, Vicky Bautista Lopez Brass: Leticia Gallardo, Josue Salvador, Yolanda Gomez Hernandez Recording engineer: Laurien Schreuder

Mixing & mastering: Zlaya Loud 

With thanks to: Mujeres del Viento Florido, Ruigoord and all other participants of the art residency.


I, Cyborg  

I, Cyborg takes inspiration from Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto, delivering deeply political and disruptive lyrics that challenge traditional notions of gender while exploring the intricate relationship between animals and machines.

Director/editing/color-grading/ production-design– Clément Clareton

Director/make-up– Eva Schumacher

Director of photography/color-grading– Charles Lesur

3D cinematography– Josse Vessies

Gaffer– Colin Lefebvre

Camera assistant– Telma Perruchon

Production/set-dressing, costumes (except golden dress by Mo Benchellal)– Damla Seven

Production assistant– Rodo Nijhoff

Make-up– Marelva de Bruin

Photography on set– Ariya Razmjou

Dancer– Joséphine Terme 

Dancer– Josse Vessies 

Actor– Laurien

Song– Snowapple Collective

Lyrics based on Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto

Voice– Laurien

Guitar– Matteo Cerboncini

Bass– Nicola Bruno

Drums– Stefano Resca 

Mastering/production/additional synths– Zlaya Loud

Location– Salon de IJzerstaven

Special thanks to Egon Adel, Rein Heije, Het Licht, Polychrome Films and the Snowapple Team


Camera, edit & color grade: Clément Clareton (

Text & show direction: Eva Schumacher 

Music & performance: Laurien & Matteo Cerboncini 

Sound: Camille Louvel

Mixing: Zlaya Loud

Make-up design: Marelva de Bruin

Dress: Mo Benchellal

Shoes: Holly Krueger

Many thanks to: Damla Seven, Louis de Ducla and the rest of the Snowapple team, as well as Charles Lesur and Polychrome Films (

Hechizo Evil Wizard 

Empowering female composers & musicians: Banda Regional Femenil Mujeres del Viento Florido and the international artists’ collective Snowapple present: Hechizo Evil Wizard


Hechizo Evil Wizard is a unique combination of Snowapple’s original music and an ominous narration of an Oaxacan legend, produced by Dutch filmmaker and anthropologist Julia Hollander. The video and music were recorded in collaboration with Banda Regional Femenil Mujeres del Viento in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. In 2021 a group of traveling artists from Snowapple and Moon Cabaret arrived to the magical mountains of Tlahuitoltepec and met Las Mujeres del Viento Florido. Together, through a mystic and musical journey, they vowed the strings of art, feminism, and collective creation.


Film: Snowapple, Moon Cabaret & Banda Femenil Regional Mujeres del Viento Florido

Script: Eva Schumacher & Julia Louisa Hollander 

Direction:  Eva Schumacher

Camera: Julia Louisa Hollander & Rodrigo Puente

Editing: Julia Louisa Hollander

Color grading: Shadi Chaaban 

Poem: Ana María Martínez Martínez 

Composition & Lyrics: Laurien 

Arrangement: Gregg Moore

Recording: Juan Carlos Ertze  

Audio Mix: Joeri Saal (Studio 150) 

Audio Master: Zlaya Loud

Spoken introduction: Leticia Gallardo

Conducting: Leticia Gallardo

Musicians & actors: Snowapple, Moon Cabaret, & Banda Femenil Regional Mujeres del Viento Florido 

Costumes: Mo Benchellal  

Creation and manipulation of the moon: Nora Tinholt

Make up design: Marelva de Bruin

Technical Support: Alberto Nativitas

La Llorona- Poster w: prizes

La Llorona – Ser mujer

A short film based on a traditional Mexican song. 

La Llorona was released on International Women’s Day (March 8,  2019), in solidarity with the victims of femicide and violence against women. 

The video has appeared in many festivals including Animasivo, La Fête des Morts à Paris, WWCS Film Festival, and the Festival Internacional de Contrometrajes: el Heraldo. La Llorona was awarded the Audience Award at the Havana Film Festival, the 24X Segundo- Golden Channel Award at Shorts México, Education Program Selection at the Málaga Film Festival and Special Mention- Latin-American Film at Anima Latina. 


Music & Arrangement: Snowapple
Video & Animation: Adriana Ronquillo & La Furia Estudios
Mixing & Mastering: Zlaya Loud

Lyrics: Pedro Miguel, inspired by the traditional La Llorona (The crying woman)

House in the Head

Acting/Animation/Editing/Music/Lyrics/Stage-design/Green-screen-effects: Nora Tinholt & Laurien
French Translation & Dramaturgy: Eva Schumacher

Guest musicians: Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves (Percussion and drums), Osito ‘Morro’ von Ropi (Flute), Cynthia Martinez (Mental Support)
Kasper Stern (Bass), Matteo Cerboncini (Extra Guitars), Michiel Hollanders (Guitar and all other instruments)

Production & Mixing: Michiel Hollanders (Pindos Music
Mastering: Zlaya Loud
Costumes: Mo Benchellal

Many thanks to: Zip Records, Studio 150, Joeri Saal, Merel Vosseberg, Charlotte Kunst, Willemijn van Bekkum, Arrie van S


Snowapple – Wrong Feet- official video

Produced by Wouter Planteijdt
Recorded by Joeri Saal (Studio 150) & Wouter Planteijdt
Mixed by Joeri Saal 
Mastered by Zlaya Loud
Lyrics & composition: Una Bergin

Musicians: Una Bergin, Laurien, Laura Polence and Wouter Planteijdt

Moon Cabaret – Á La Nuit Tombée- OFFICIAL VIDEO

A video by Shadi Chaaban & Moon Cabaret 


CastNora Tinholt, Laurien Schreuder, Moro Osito Von Ropi, Cynthia Martínez, Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves, Josephine Terme, Arno Bakker, 

Alberto ‘Bombi’ Pérez Jurado

Special Guest: Evgeni Ibragimov


Director: Eva Schumacher

Composition: Snowapple

Lyrics: Eva Schumacher

Music Performed by Snowapple & Moon Cabaret

Guest-musicians: Gregg Moore (Sousaphone, Baritone Horns), Michiel Hollanders (Guitar, Bass, Banjo Bass), 

David Kweksliber (Soprano and Alto sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet), Michael Moore (Alto Sax) 


 Arranged by Gregg Moore

 Produced by Michiel Hollanders

 Mastered by Zlaya Loud

 Recorded by Jason Goldstein, Michiel Hollanders, Laurien Schreuder, Joeri Saal


Video by Shadi Chaaban

Additional Footage by Julie Hollanders