About Snowapple

"Andrew Sisters meet Kate Bush meet Kurt Weill meet contemporary classical"

Snowapple is a pluridisciplinary and international artists’ collective that values new encounters, collaborations and artistic experiments. We believe that art is everywhere and that it has no rules other than the ones we want to give it. Our projects include Snowapple, a music group appearing in various formations, the theater troupe Moon Cabaret, Jardin Rouge Festival, Casa Snowapple Mx artist residency, the art film A Moonless Night and many more.

We seek to create daring, experimental and contemporary art, which nevertheless speaks to a wide audience; accessible to all, without prejudice of age, culture or origin. Furthermore, we are fighting for art rooted in reality and society; committed to current social issues, raising questions and initiating debate. Snowapple stands for openness of discussion and reflection and believes in a never-ending exploration of thought and awareness.

We have a strong do-it-yourself mentality and the urge to create freely and to bring art to society. We often create our own events to perform at and, in addition to theaters and festivals, we often perform on the streets, because we think art should be open. We create art based on collaborations, inspirations and a strong sense of community.

Snowapple’s music has been played on BBC Radio 1 and the group made several appearances on international television (Canal11, Imagen Noticias, TV Azteca and Canal22). Moon Cabaret’s theater play, Mr. Moon, has been staged at Edinburgh Festival Fringe (UK), Festival OFF d’Avignon (FR), Festival Cervantino (MX), Festival d’Aurillac (FR). Snowapple’s short music film, La Llorona, won prizes such as the Audience Award for the Havana Film Festival and the Mexican Women in Film Special Selection at Shorts Mexico- International Short Film Festival Mexico.

In the fall of 2021, we opened our doors at Casa Snowapple MX to provide artists with the required time/space away from their usual obligations to research, develop and produce new creative work. We invite artists from all disciplines and highly encourage pluridisciplinary projects and collaborations. A key focus for Casa Snowapple Mx is equality for women. Women are the largest social group discriminated against in regards to fundamental rights, including the right to live free from violence. We believe that art has the power to make a difference in our communities and to stand up for Women’s rights across the globe.

We believe in the power of the imagination. Independent from background or education, we look for a strong ensemble of artists who have the will to use imagination to transform audiences, social structures and even art itself.

Art should be entertaining, and above all – never boring.

Click here if you want to read Snowapple’s manifesto.