Casa Snowapple Mx

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In 2021, at Casa Snowapple Mx we open our doors to offer national and international artists the necessary time and space away from their usual obligations to research, develop, produce and share new creative and cultural work. 

We invite artists from all disciplines and encourage multidisciplinary projects and collaborations.

The house is made up of different projects: artistic residencies, workshops, cultural activities, scenic forum, and stay.

Our house was created and is run by women. A key objective of Casa Snowapple Mx is women’s equality. Women are the most discriminated social group in terms of fundamental rights, including the right to live free of violence.

We believe that ART has the power to make a difference IN OUR COMMUNITIES and to defend women’s rights AROUND THE WORLD.

We are an inclusive space where all people are equal and where we offer the opportunity to expand the national and international community of artists, creatives, musicians and the general public.

At Casa Snowapple Mx we open the doors to imagination and consciousness. Within its walls and the green landscape the arts intersect, ideas are generated and dreams are transformed into experimentation. We seek to be an inclusive and safe space where women and artists of the world build creative bonds of mutual care.

Our bet is for Freedom. We believe that Art is everywhere and is universal: it has no age, place of origin or gender.

It is a living instrument that makes us feel reality. Art is not only beauty but also a powerful engine of social change. Discover your creative voice and share it with us. 

More information on the Casa Snowapple Mx website: