Snowapple Trio

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Snowapple started out as a musical trio, touring Europe, the USA, Japan, England and Mexico for many years. We released four studio albums and have played in places like Paradiso, Oerol, Tivoli, and Eurosonic and internationally at festivals like Larmer Tree (UK), Ollin Kan (Mexico), The Rockwood (New York). We have a strong do-it-yourself mentality and the urge to create freely- so we largely did the bookings ourselves. 

The Snowapple Trio still comes together on special occasions to perform and record. In 2023 we will release a new album, Wrong Feet. This album is a tribute to the South African composer and saxophonist Sean Bergin, who passed away in 2012. On the album, Snowapple’s trio sings in collaboration with an international group of musician friends- Alan Purves (drums), Moro Osito Von Ropi (flute), Breno Virícimo (bass, guitar), Felicity Provan (trumpet), Michael Moore (saxophone).

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