Moon Cabaret

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Moon Cabaret is the theater branch of Snowapple. Moon Cabaret creates work that is immersive and baroque in style, drawing on the traditions of opera, physical theatre and cabaret, with a touch of hallucinatory surrealism. We have trained with MAPA Studio (Moving Academy of Performing Arts led by mime player Ide van Heijningen), Michael van Helmerhorst (Vis a Vis), Nancy Rusek (Philippe Genty), Norman Taylor (Lecoq), Jorn Heijdenrijk ( Discordia), and Evgeni Ibragimov, among others. 

We have been experimenting with a blend of cinema, music, mime and puppetry, presenting work at festivals across Europe and Mexico, including- Festival International des Arts de la Rue d’Aurillac (FR), Festival OFF d’Avignon (FR), Festival Internacional Cervantino (MX), Vondelpark Open Air Theatre (NL) and El Café Berlin (ES). 

Moon Cabaret’s most recent productions are Mr. Moon, A Moonless Night, and Project Lucy.