Cyborg Experiments

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Starting in 2023 Snowapple is focusing on the experimental and multidisciplinary elements of the collective. In order to establish this we have decided to work around a specific theme: Cyborg Experiments: finding new forms to dream supposed realities.

Cyborg, because we want to explore ways to fight the feeling that we are stuck in a world that does not fit us and doesn’t allow us to grow. Cyborgs can be used as a tool to look into different ways of being ourselves, impact the world around us or ourselves, and research how to play with norms, constraints and reality. Topics may include: humanity and its limitations, social organization and disruptiveness, science and nature.

Experimentation, because it’s an active world. It represents the idea to try something new without knowing the outcome of it. After these years of crisis- sanitary, political and social- the artists need free and safe spaces to integrate what they saw, learned and felt and to be able to build new ways of expressing themselves and creating new worlds.