Cyborg Experiments

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Since 2023 Snowapple has been focusing on the experimental and multidisciplinary elements of the collective developing the theme Cyborg Experiments : finding new forms to dream supposed realities.

One of the result of its experiments is the show Cyborg Experiment #1.

A daring spectacle presenting different theatrical, dance, musical, poetic, visual and even pseudo-scientific acts about possible futures. Five international and multi-talented artists present a total theatre experience in a universe located somewhere between David Bowie, the Matrix and David Lynch.

Cyborg Experiment #1 features a quartet of Cyborgs, unreal, magnetic, almost robotic characters, each from a different dimension, carriers of a radically different world, like parallel universes brought together on one stage. In the background, a so-called scientist orchestrates this cacophony of realities, always between satire and melancholy, humour and political resonance.

Video Clips
I, Cyborg

Cyborg Experiment#1 – The Angel
Cyborg Experiment#1 – Deborah
Cyborg Experiment#1 – SHE

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