Snowapple Announces A Moonless Night (film release)

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Snowapple presents A Moonless Night- Coming fall 2024

Night is the time when shadows multiply until they take over every part of the world. Light is more scarce, and we have to direct it to better see the nooks and crannies, the things that hide in the corners, behind our backs. Remember that in the dark we’re much more accepting of the strange. Accepting dreams, nightmares, things we haven’t said to each other during the day, fears that, once on a sunny beach, seem totally irrational. Each night is a little death, and every idea that emerges is as beautiful and complex as an epitaph. In our world, the moon is the only protection against a pitch-black night, or an electric world. It is the reassuring landmark that channels our poems, like butterflies drawn to its light. But if the moon disappears, if the night stretches out infinitely, what part of us will take over?

The Snowapple Collective directors began their research into light and shadow by examining the bottomless pit of night where ideas are born, thieves hide and fantasies emerge. It’s a dreamlike theme that we wanted to anchor in a tangible world, creating a discrepancy that’s at times disturbing, humorous, even satirical, but also poetic. Of course, we wanted a bar where lost souls congregate, reminiscent of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet bar, stuck in an endless night, an indefinite temporality. An archetypal bar, with archetypal customers: a diva, a noisy braggart, two chess players following their own rules, and a waiter with his head in the clouds. We wanted to question their obsessions, those little features of all our lives that carve out furrows, and also the possibility of redemption. Will it come? Will it be external to them? Is it even possible to be saved? And do we want to be saved?

This human journey is positioned as a diptych of a much more solitary adventure, that of the moon on earth, a young girl whom we have imagined as the very essence of light, but who herself finds herself consumed by shadow. She wanders through landscapes we’ve imagined as paintings, leaving behind a scent of apocalypse. Finally, the abstract dimension of visual poetry is added to the characters, with symbolic shots of unusually scaled objects that sometimes seem to have more soul than our characters. In the end, we’ve created a universe where everything comes alive and everything fades away. In short, a total moon revolution around the earth.