Presenting Blizzard, a new theater piece by world-famous director Evgeni Ibragimov, Snowapple & special guests

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Scouring the treasure chests of both the classics and the folk tradition, an international ensemble of performers, musicians and puppeteers conjures a spellbinding piece for our times. 

Together, this special group of artists from Belarus, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States moves fluidly through the stories and characters made famous (mostly, though not only) by Russian literature. 

Finding new meanings and wisdom in the work of those who have gone before felt even more pressing at this historical moment:

“At a time when everything seems to be changing so fast – so harshly and mercilessly – and when war and aggression now threaten so many freedoms, we turned to the classics, and those who left us testimony of living through similar events. But we were also driven by a larger, more philosophical question: do we learn from events, or does everything that happens in the world, be it in a nation or in ourselves, simply repeat itself?

Although they are drawn from different time periods and traditions, there is no clear division between the different stories in the piece: they are all connected to one another, woven into a web. There is a frame, but not many rules. It works like our imaginations: half human, half mysterious magic.

When we set out on this journey, we wanted to call the show Tocchi delicati (‘Delicate Touches’), but the turbulent nature of world events forced us to change things. There is nothing delicate in war, and theatre must always react to events. 

The puzzle of stories we collected became Blizzard.”

Blizzard– Theater in Ruigoord

Presented by Evgeni Ibragimov, Snowapple & special guests
21 October 2022
De Kerk, Ruigoord (Amsterdam)
Dinner 18:00 (12,50 pp, reserve by 14/10/22)
Show 20:00 (free entrance)
Aftershow 22:00

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