Cyborg Cabaret Mexico Tour

Snowapple Collective is bringing for the first time to Mexico its brand new show Cyborg Cabaret.

Joined by local artists, as members of the regional female band Viento Florido and Malena Duarte, Snowapple multi-talented artists present a total theatre experience in a universe located somewhere between David Bowie, the Matrix and David Lynch.

A daring spectacle, a cabaret of the future presenting different theatrical, dance, musical, poetic, visual and even pseudo-scientific acts. A cacophony of realities and pseudo-sciences, all set to music, are the heartbeat of this innovative and explosive show offering a sensitive reflection on our society and its problems, taking a defiant, political stance.

On 8 November, Snowapple Collective will present a very unique show : Cyborg & Viento Florido - Mujeres por la madre tierra. A collaboration of women artists who will accompany Snowapple and 40 of the members of the Viento Florido Women's Orchestra.

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Vic Galloway
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