Jardin Rouge Paris 2024

The Cyborg Cabaret at Jardin Rouge in Paris is a multifaceted experience, bridging the gap between art, live performance, scientific experiment and dreamland.

Pushing the boundaries of storytelling through immersive evenings resolutely turned toward the future (yes, but which one?), the artists of Jardin Rouge invite you on a journey beyond your imagination. Settle in for a drink, take a bite, as our artists bring you the best of the future on a holographic tray.

Have you ever dreamed of the worlds of tomorrow? What will be the legends, the tales told to children, the whispered horror stories for grown-ups? What will our fears, desires and loves be tomorrow? Everything is possible, everything is imaginable, you just have to dream it. Be bold, be poetic, be political, open the door to the great unknown.

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"Brimming with rich, luscious melodies and bizarre but beautiful chord changes. My mouth was left agape."
Vic Galloway
BBC Radio 1


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