Jardin Rouge Intergalactic 2022

Snowapple is pleased to present Jardin Rouge, our polymorphous and multidisciplinary international festival! This year we’re going Intergalactic!

Jardin Rouge Intergalactic 2022 is an invitation to leave a barren land and create new experiences, free from gravity. 

Our festival opens the door to the unknown, to black holes, to hospitable planets and spaceships to offer us the possibility to dream bigger, far from our blue planet. 

These last years have enjoined us to fold our wings, to walk around our few square meters of living rooms and cities; but today we want to mutate, to transform ourselves, to become a new chimerical being, human-animal, object-plant, extraterrestrial unfolding in the universe, and the multiverse. 

Jardin Rouge will take place throughout the month of March in Amsterdam at De Roode Bioscoop, Zaal 100 and Salon de Ijzerstaven.

Jardin Rouge is :
– Jardin Rouge Film Festival (4-6 March)
– More than 70 artists from 20 countries
– More than 100 shows / performances / concerts
– 6 workshops
– 1 exhibition

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