Moon Cabaret

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Have you ever dreamed of a show without order? without borders?
A show that brings together clowns, musicians, a diva, a puppeteer, and too many ringmasters?

It’s been two years since Mr. Moon started playing to audiences around the world, and he is still travelling and seeking new adventures. This family, this band, this group of artists and freaks began touring in Europe, playing at festivals, in town squares, and on street corners, before travelling to Mexico to bring their show to the country’s restaurants, cabarets, mezcal bars and theatres. Mr. Moon’s journey will take you from one extreme to the other: from laughter to tears, from doubt to love, from politics to poetry. 

Directed by: Eva Schumacher
Music: Snowapple
Stage design: Bin Xu and Nora Tinholt
Costumes: Mohammed Benchellal

With: Matteo Cerboncini, Cynthia Martinez, Alan Gunga Purves, Osito Moro von Ropi, Laurien ‘Mrs. Moon’, Joséphine Terme, Nora Tinholt and our extended family, including: Arno Bakker and Alberto Pérez.

Duration: 50 minutes

Mr. Moon is created by the Snowapple collective. A group of musicians, clowns, mime-actors and puppeteers. Under the direction of the in-house director of the collective Eva Schumacher from France.

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October 8, 2021 – Album release

We are excited to announce the release of the first album with our theatre-music project: Moon Cabaret. The album will be released on October 8, 2021 with ZIP Records.