Jardin Rouge

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Snowapple’s Jardin Rouge is a festival that focuses on forgotten art forms, such as puppetry and mime. We present the festival each year in collaboration with artists, venues and organizers that we have built strong relationships with through the years.

Jardin Rouge is an invitation beyond borders, to familiar and unknown artists, local and international, who want to commit themselves to a new art and a new moving, listening society. During the festival the audience enters a world of circus, distortion and absurdity, a world where artists, performers and dreamers reign supreme, teasing, twirling and questioning our daily lives.

Jardin Rouge connects people and places: it offers a living room for artists, makers, visionaries, stargazers, nonsensical thinkers, guardians of justice and equality. Those who believe in an art of the possible and in the power of sharing can find themselves here. With our festival, we aim to contribute to an international community- forging new collaborations and helping talented artists to make their voices heard.

Jardin Rouge also exists in pop-up editions like Jardin Rojo, a minifestival that we hosted at Casa Snowapple MX in Coyoacán, Mexico City in October. 

Save the date:

8-27 March 2022

Amsterdam: De Roode Bioscoop, Zaal 100 and Salon IJzerstaven

More information and tickets: jardinrouge.nl