Snowapple Collective Returns to Edinburgh Fringe with Cyborg Experiment #1

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Snowapple Collective will be performing 14-20 August at Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year for the second time. Our show Cyborg Experiment #1 is a daring spectacle, a cabaret of the future presenting different theatrical, dance, musical, poetic, visual and even pseudo-scientific acts. Five international and multi-talented artists present a total theatre experience in a universe located somewhere between David Bowie, the Matrix and David Lynch.

In a succession of experiments on the future, sometimes satirical, sometimes funny or serious, our quintet leads the audience through a plethora of emotions and discoveries on a journey that can’t fail to move them. A cacophony of realities and pseudo-sciences, all set to music, are the heartbeat of this innovative and explosive show. Under the cover of fantastic and poetic situations, the artists play out a sensitive reflection on our society and its problems, taking a defiant, political stance.

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