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7 Sep 2016
Album at the printer and Snowapple at the rehearsal Studio.... Getting ready for playing new songs live because: soon we'll be on the road again!! Snowapple, Snow, Apple, NS, Tracks, Train, Trains, 2016, girls, folk

27 juli 2016
Amsterdam in Stockholm!!

Snowapple, Snow, Apple, Stockholm, Amsterdam, folk, band

18 May 2016
Plenty of opportunities to come see us this summer (although you might need to do some travelling) check it out here

18 May 2016
ありがとう日本 Thank you JAPAN!!

Snowapple, Snow, Apple, Japan, 2016

28 April 2016
Snowapple is going to JAPAN!!! 10 shows in 12 days....Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Miyazaki, Fukuoka
Snowapple, Snow, Apple, Japan, 2016

5 April 2016
Snowapple Mexico!!

Snowapple, Snow, Apple, Mexico, 2016

24 March 2016
US Release Tour!!

Snowapple, Snow, Apple, Train, US, Release Tour, Amsterdam, Release, Tracks

Amsterdam Release Show donderdag 10 maart 20:30 Roode Bioscoop
Tickets and info:

Snowapple, Snow, Apple, Train, new, single, animation, businessmen, Amsterdam, Release, Tracks

15 Feb 2016
Grab our new track:
Snowapple, Snow, Apple, Train, new, single, animation, businessmen

14 Jan 2016
Excited about new Snowapple album, it's all coming together now!

Snowapple, Snow, Apple, Train

12 Jan 2016
Our plans for this year? Releasing our Train album in the Spring. Touring the US, UK, Japan, Scandinavia and the Netherlands and hopefully releasing another full length album in the Autumn!!

1 Jan 2016
Happy New Year everybody!!

Snowapple, Snow, Apple, New Year, 2016

23 Dec 2016
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones....

10 Nov 2015
We had an amazing time in Mexico. 14 shows, 2 TV performances and many interviews....

Snowapple,Mexico,Festival, Polka Madre, Los de Abajo, 2016, Art, Snow apple

18 Oct 2015

Snowapple, Mexico, tour, 2016, Snow apple

1 Sep 2015
What a great summer full of surprises. We played so many incredible festivals in the Netherlands and the UK.

Snowapple, Una ,Laura ,Laurien , festival, oerol, terschelling, Amsterdam, Snow apple

3 feb 2015
Snowapple Release Tour includes 39 shows in NL, UK, USA and MEXICO!!!

3 Feb 2015
Our New Album Illusion is now officially released in Europe!!!

Click to buy... Snowapple, Una ,Laura ,Laurien ,studio 150, Illusion, album, Snow apple

2 feb
PARADISO SOLD OUT!!! Thanks everyone for coming to our Amsterdam Release Show!!

Snowapple, Una ,Laura ,Laurien ,studio 150, Illusion, album, Snow apple

2 feb 2015
Shows Tivoli and Live uit Lloyd were amazing!!

Snowapple, Una ,Laura ,Laurien ,studio 150, Illusion, album, Snow apple

18 Jan 2015
Thanks EUROSONIC/NOORDERSLAG for having us!!

Snowapple, Una ,Laura ,Laurien ,Eurosonic, Noorderslag, Illusion, album, Snow apple

18 Nov 2014
More Good news! We got invited us to play at:


25 Oct 2014
Good news! Monday the 2nd of February 2015 we'll present our new album 'Illusion' in the PARADISO in Amsterdam. Snowapple will take you on a journey into a world of imagination and story telling!

Buy Tickets

6 Oct 2014
A special gift to our friends and fans, a free download of the single CALIFORNIA

New Press Photo: Una, Laura and Laurien

Snowapple, Una ,Laura ,Laurien ,semuel souhuwat,benchellal, Snow apple

14 Aug 2014
A little slice of Summer.... CHECK OUR NEW VIDEO!!!

23 Jun 2014
Playing music on the beach: a cover of Morphine by Jolie Holland:

27 May 2014
Snowapple, three producers and one plate reverb.

Snowapple, Una ,Fanny ,Laurien ,studio 150, Pllek, Snow apple

4 May 2014
Springtime in Amsterdam! We love it! On our way to a performance in Pllek Amsterdam...

Snowapple, Una ,Fanny ,Laurien ,studio 150, Pllek, Snow apple

4 April 2014
Busking on the streets of San Francisco

Snowapple, Una ,Fanny ,Laurien ,busking, san francisco, Snow apple

30 Maart 2014
Joshua Tree

Snowapple, Una ,Fanny ,Laurien ,busking, Joshua tree, Snow apple

You can now download our new single: JOHNNY

Thom Albas, Benchellal Performances Snowapple, , Johnny, Single

19 Feb 2014
Writing, Arranging, Rehearsing, Recording: The new Snowapple Album is in the make! Sounds like Goa trance, Country Punk, Contemporary Gipsy... a

3 Jan 2014
2013 what a wonderful year!! Great memories. Here a video of our live show at the London Assembly Hall:

22 Dec 2013
For you and your beloved onces a special Happy Christmas Song! Snowapple

1 Oct 2013
Looking forward to our UK Album Release Tour

Snowapple, Una ,Fanny ,Laurien ,Debt Records,label, Snow apple

20 Mar 2013
We love working with our designer Mo Benchellal. He has a great creative spirit and thinks of a different outfit for every show. click here to see a compilation of photo's taken during our adventures together.

Snowapple,Benchellal, fashion, Art, Snow apple

5 Sep 2013
Heineken Music Hall zegt: De Nederlandse band Snowapple staat zaterdag na het concert van Jack Johnson op de aftershow!

1 Aug 2013
Crack The Bubbly: Snowapple signed their UK Record deal!! With the incredible label Debt Records!!

Snowapple, Una ,Fanny ,Laurien ,Debt Records,label, Snow apple

14 Jul 2013
Snowapple at Pete The Monkey Festival (Normandy):

Snowapple, Una ,Fanny ,Laurien ,Pete The Monkey, Normandy, Snow apple

2 Jun 2013
Laatste dag in London:

Snowapple, grachtengordeltour,grachten,geelvinck, amsterdam, Snow apple

1 Jun 2013
This is what we're doing on our Handsome Family UK tour! Part 5

30 May 2013
This is what we're doing on our Handsome Family UK tour! Part 4

27 May 2013
This is what we're doing on our Handsome Family UK tour! Part 3

23 May 2013
This is what we're doing on our Handsome Family UK tour! Part 2

20 May 2013
This is what we're doing on our Handsome Family UK tour! Part 1

10 May 2013
Tijdens het eerste Grachtengordeltour optreden:

Snowapple, grachtengordeltour,grachten,geelvinck, amsterdam, Snow apple

26 Mar 2013
Snowapple in Het Parool:

Snowapple, Parool, amsterdam, Snow apple

25 Mar 2013
Our Debute Album is now available in all Major Record Shops!

Snowapple, benelux, Netherlands, Snow apple

15 Mar 2013
Official Release Party: 26th of March, Sugarfactory, Amsterdam

Snowapple, release, sugar factory, amsterdam, Snow apple

17 Mar 2013
Lach maar mensen! Toch is K.U.T het populairste radio-station in Austin:

20 Mar 2013
We decided to fly to Austin with designer Mo Benchellal and experience the South by South West Festival

click for the photo's! Snowapple,Berlin, 2012, Art, Snow apple

1 Feb 2013

Check our collaboration with photographer Semuel Souhuwat and Benchellal Performances!

Murder scene, Semuel Souhuwat and Benchellal Performances Snowapple

1 Jan 2013
Happy New year to you all!
Snowapple as The Oracle in Paradiso, Amsterdam (28 Dec 2012)

Snowapple, ballonnenfeest, paradiso, amsterdam, Snow apple

16 Dec 2012
The sun is shining and we are wearing a wreath: ready for our Christmas performance!

Snowapple, christmas, cafe nel, benchellal, amsterdam, Snow apple

6 Dec 2012
Snowapple simultaneously signed their first Record deal with

Snowapple, signing, record deal, Snow apple

4 Dec 2012
And now, for you and your loved ones: A special christmas message from Snowapple!!!

2 Dec 2012
Snowapple wieder in Berlin

click for more photo's! Snowapple,Berlin, 2012, Art, Snow apple

1 Nov 2012
Do you remember the day that Snowapple was dressed as Tulips?
(Paradiso, Amsterdam)

Snowapple,London, tulips, paradiso, amsterdam, Snow apple

4 Sep 2012
Back in Amsterdam, We've had such a great time in London, thanks everyone!

Snowapple,London, Dentist, Chatsworthroad 33, Una, Snow apple

27 Sep 2012
Niska banja, singing bathing songs at the Balkan Festival in Kriterion

Snowapple,Balkan festival, Kriterion, Una, Fanny, Laurien, Snow apple
14 Sep 2012
Snowapple at Magneetfestival for more photo's click here!
Snowapple,Magneet, Magneetfestival, Snow apple

4 Sep 2012
29 Sep - 3 Oct Snowapple will be sailing to London again!

CHECK the agenda!

20 Aug 2012
Snowapple's Jungle Performance in Normandy

Snowapple,Normandy,Pete, the Monkey, France, paris, Snow apple

29 Jul 2012
Snowapple in Wonderland

Snowapple,Alice,wonderland, hotel du nord, paris, Snow apple

23 Jul 2012
Snowapple at Baby Burn, Noordelicht

Snowapple,baby burn,noorderlicht, Snow apple

15 Jul 2012
Three studio days in a row and it's going great!!

Snowapple,studio 150, Snow apple

We had a great time in London! It was wonderful to meet so many amazing new people and to see old friends. We'll be back soon

Snowapple, sugarhouse, london, Snow apple

27 Jun 2012
Check our new London Photo Album

Fanny's lievelingskasteel

20 Jun 2012
In Bristol on our way to London, tonight we're playing at the Troubadour

Snowapple, handmade, CD, live, Snow apple

100 nieuwe CD's, klaar om mee naar Engeland te gaan.

Snowapple, handmade, CD, live, Snow apple

14 Jun 2012

12 Jun 2012
Yesterday we met the girls from Trio Zazi, they are a band very similar to Snowapple. It turned out that we both were wearing exactly the same clothes! Besides having the same shirts and shoes Fanny from Snowapple and Sabien from Trio Zazi also both play the accordeon and attended the same music councours in the same year when they where kids

Snowapple, Sabien, Fanny, Snow apple en trio Zazi

10 Jun 2012
Tonight we are playing at de Vondelbunker, in the Vondelpark, starting at 9 p.m. together with "Fata el Moustache Morgana"

10 Jun 2012
The video shoot went great! This is what the set looked like:


8 Jun 2012
We are shooting our new music video tomorrow!

7 Jun 2012
We are going to London! Click here for the dates

5 Jun 2012
Video of our Heidelberg performance:

30 Mei 2012
Snowapple in Paris