La Lección de Tiresias / Casa Snowapple Mx / 21 & 23 June

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The Lesson of Tiresias
“The worst thing Tiresias has experienced is the downfall of the mythical world and with it, the absence of good advice for an authentic life. It is for this reason that today he emerges from Hades and comes here to give us a lecture on love. And why? In the social whirlwind and media noise, someone remains in solitude: all of us, each one of us. The arrival of an experienced and detached voice from the present is necessary to remind us that, at the end of the day, the last thing we have left is the company we choose and the way we care for and cherish those we love and with whom we sleep. In times of hasty desires, whims, and emotional dispersion: love today is the most defiant and avant-garde thing we have. Let’s break the habit of emptiness in relationships and conquer the real heart!”
Dramaturgy and Direction: Ximena Escalante
with Philippe Estauchon and Enrique Arriaga
Visuals: Roberto Mosqueira and Tatiana Musi
Assistant Director: Alejandra Farah
Production: Alethia Andrade
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