Cyborg Experiment #1 / Lavoir Moderne Parisien / 16 & 17 September

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Cyborg Experiment #1 will open the season 2024/2025 in Paris at Lavoir Moderne Parisien !
Dates: 16 and 17 September
Venue: Lavoir Moderne Parisien

Snowapple Collective presents an audacious show, a cabaret of the future made up of musical and visual performances, theater, dance, poetry and pseudo-scientific experiments. A multidisciplinary show performed by five multi-talented international artists for a total theatrical experience in a universe somewhere between David Bowie, Matrix and David Lynch.
An outdated scientist orchestrates a series of experiments and summons four creatures from potential futures. Together they present us with hypotheses for the future and ask us: Are you a cyborg? Do you believe in utopia? Have you ever considered your body as a being in its own right? Are you prone to aspeculation?

In a series of sometimes satirical, sometimes melancholy or revolutionary proposals, the artists take the audience through an infinite range of emotions and discoveries on a journey that’s sure to unsettle them. In a strange cacophony, realities overlap, forming the core of this innovative and explosive show that offers a sensitive reflection on our society.

Directed and written by Eva Schumacher
Music by Snowapple Collective

With Eva Schumacher, Laurien SHE Snowapple, Samantha Montagna Portejoie, Caro Martin, Giulia Pastorino

Lighting design Nicolas De Castro

Sound Hugo Roche

Set design Lola Seiler


More about the show: Cyborg Experiments