A Moonless Night Release Tour / October-December

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Snowapple collective will release the film A Moonless Night in October and present a tour through the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Mexico, United States and France in the fall of 2024. A Moonless Night consists of an album and a book in addition to the film. 

A Moonless Night

The strange patrons of a bar become stranger when the moon falls from the sky. The film combines object animation, mime and international styles of music.

Confusion reigns; a business mogul’s pedantry clashes with a diva’s hypnotic lyrics, the bartender’s smile grows suspicious, and the busboy
spills every drink he touches. And all the while, the moon herself wanders the unfamiliar earth, her search for balance pulling on the tide of human emotions that awaits her in the bar. The two worlds collide and bleed into each other, until the characters discover how to become free from their madness, or even transcend it.