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We strive: 

  • To be attentive to the pressing issues in our society, to the current crises affecting it and to its marginalised populations. 
  • To be conscious actors that question social inequalities, and call out discrimination on the grounds of gender, race and/or sexual orientation and beliefs. To this end, we are currently creating work that seeks to support the women fighting for an end to violence against women in Mexico, as well a project to assist the people of Lebanon, who are currently facing a severe economic crisis. 
  • To improve and to keep on learning by taking workshops and classes with other professionals, and to remain open to discussion and reflection.
  • To believe in an ongoing and never-ending exploration of thought and awareness.
  • To create new and surprising projects. 

Snowapple uses music, puppetry, theater and film to create awareness for social-problems. We find that art can help to open conversation on topics that are very sensitive. Additionally, our collective has participated in activist actions such as anti-violence protests and fundraisers. 

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