Jardin Rouge Festival

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Step into the world of Jardin Rouge: the magical garden of Mr. Moon. At a time when our cities seem to stand still, the Moon family decides to travel. Get ready because in May 2021, for six days, at three Amsterdam locations, actors and artists will take you on an unforgettable journey through music, cabaret, puppet shows, clowns, burlesque, and much more. Claim your ticket, your map of the stars, and come with us to an elsewhere that we will create together…

“People say we bring chaos.” The multidisciplinary theater festival Jardin Rouge takes place from 25 – 30 May 2021 and is an initiative of musical theater collective Snowapple, in collaboration with the Roode Bioscoop, Salon IJzerstaven and Zaal 100. Jardin Rouge offers a stage to people who dare to experiment and to look beyond the ordinary. Your host for the festival is the hybrid group of creative agitators Mr. Moon. They invite you to step into their magical and surreal world for a diverse international programme of lesser-known theater forms where objects come to life and nothing is what it seems.

Jardin Rouge takes place somewhere between our memory, our cities, our dreams. It weaves the links between languages and poetry. Jardin Rouge connects people and places: it offers a living room for artists, makers, visionaries, stargazers, nonsensical thinkers, guardians of justice and equality. Those who believe in an art of the possible and in the power of sharing can find themselves here. With the festival, our aim is to contribute to an international community, forging new collaborations and helping talented artists to make their voices heard. In addition to the programme of lesser-known theater forms, the festival consists of special theatrical walks between the festival locations and unique workshops with artists from Mexico City, Amsterdam and Paris, among others.

Mr Moon’s Jardin Rouge is an invitation beyond borders, to familiar and unknown artists, local and international, who together want to commit themselves to a new art and a new, moving, listening society. We invite you, you who are not afraid of poetry, of the absurd and of being surprised.


Save the date:
25-30 May 2021
Amsterdam: De Roode Bioscoop, Zaal 100 and Salon IJzerstaven