House in the head

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Because of this world’s pandemic crisis, all tours and travel were cancelled and we were just wondering how we could get the hell outta here!

So we picked up childhood toys from our parents’ houses and we started to play with them. The dolls’ house became our living room and the miniature furniture started to fight the potatoes. We could enlarge and shrink ourselves into unsettling situations as the wine did not fit the cups. Finally the moon came down and we wrote a song about it….

Behold, here is our very first animated video especially for you, in your very own moving room!

By Snowapple
Acting/Animation/Editing/Music/Lyrics/Stage-design/Green-screen-effects: Nora Tinholt & Laurien
French Translation & Dramaturgy: Eva Schumacher

Guest musicians:
Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves (Percussion and drums)
Osito ‘Morro’ von Ropi (Flute)
Cynthia Martinez (Mental Support)
Kasper Stern (Bass)
Matteo Cerboncini (Extra Guitars)
Michiel Hollanders (Guitar and all other instruments)
Production & Mixing: Michiel Hollanders (Pindos Music
Mastering: Zlaya Loud
Costumes: Mo Benchellal

Many thanks to:
ZIP Records
Studio 150
Joeri Saal
Merel Vosseberg
Charlotte Kunst
Willemijn van Bekkum
Arrie van S