¡Alerta! Colectiva Feminista Internacional

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Alerta is more than a song: it’s a virtual march celebrating women’s rights on International Women’s Day. A collaboration between Snowapple (NL), Vivir Quintana (MX) and numerous other artist and activist from Mexico, the song and accompanying music video wants to support the movement against femicides in Mexico, and to raise awareness to female violence everywhere in the world. The unique music video literally gives a space and a voice to women from all over the world: it includes videos and photos by women from Mexico City, Amsterdam, Paris, and many other cities that were submitted in response a viral call by the artists on social media: @AlertaVirtual8M #AlertaVirtual8M.

International music collective Snowapple is very committed to women’s rights. It is therefore not a coincidence that the song and accompanying music video ‘Alerta’ is released on March 8th, on International Women’s Day. ‘Alerta’ was created in collaboration with numerous Mexican artists, including Vivir Quintana — activist, singer and icon for the feminist movement in Mexico. The video consists of a virtual march, to which women from all over the world take part. Every day, in Mexico ten women are murdered just because they are women. The video’s aim is to raise awareness and support the fight against the growing amount of gender-based violence and femicides in Mexico.

Previously released protest songs by Snowapple ‘La Llorona – Ser Mujer’ and ‘Llamadas de Emergencia – No Estas Sola’ as well as ‘Canción Sin Miedo’ by Vivir Quintana are sung by thousands of women in the streets during protests. Further recognition came when the UN reached out to Snowapple and Vivir Quintana to play their song ‘Llamadas de Emergencia’. While ‘Canción Sin Miedo’ already received more than 8 million views on YouTube, becoming an anthem of feminism in Mexico.

The new song ‘Alerta’ is a collaboration between Snowapple, Vivir Quintana, Irina Indigo Verses, Sabina Odone, Maria Bernal and filmmakers Jimena Matos and Gris Cuevas. The Spanish lyrics speak of courage and empowerment: “I’m part of this freedom movement” and “for every girl you touch, for every life that discriminates you, for every sister you kill, for every one, we’ll make you pay.” Phrases like these make the song a direct protest against ‘the other pandemic’, that is: the alarmingly high incidence of femicide and violence against women. This must end.

On this special day, International Women’s Day, women usually take to the streets in purple clothing. This is also the case in Mexico City. This year, however, these demonstrations are not possible due to COVID-19. In answer to this, Snowapple, Vivir Quintana and the other artists involved, called on women to participate in a virtual demonstration. In the last weeks, protest photos and videos could be submitted via social media. Women from all over the world participated and the images submitted are part of the ‘Alerta’ video.

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