Snowapple is an international artists’ collective with a variable number of creators and thinkers, who love new encounters, collaborations and artistic experiments.

We believe in an art form based on collaborations, inspirations and a strong sense of community. We create performances based around philosophical songs and poetry with a sociocultural slant. We have a strong do it yourself mentality and an urge to create freely and bring art to society. We often create our own events to perform at and besides theaters and festivals we often perform on the streets, because we think art should be open. 

Read more about our projects below:

Jardin Rouge

Jardin Rouge is a polymorphous, traveling and pluridisciplinary international festival. The objective of this ‘total’ festival is to create a space of freedom and creation,

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Moon Cabaret

Moon Cabaret is the theater branch of Snowapple. Moon Cabaret creates work that is immersive and baroque in style, drawing on the traditions of opera,

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Casa Snowapple Mx

In the Summer of 2021, Snowapple founded our first artist residency in Coyoacán, in Mexico City.  Casa Snowapple Mx is an international artistic residence space

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Snowapple Music

Snowapple’s music is characterized by idiosyncratic arrangements, and is sometimes described as folk-avant-garde-pop-cumbia with a punk edge.  We specialize in quirky, philosophical songs and poetry

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Snowapple operates a film production house, focused on hybrid forms of cinema. We merge art, theater, film and everything in between to create a unique

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We strive:  To be attentive to the pressing issues in our society, to the current crises affecting it and to its marginalised populations.  To be

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Snowapple is characterized by its desire to meet, share and constantly learn from others. Therefore Snowapple organises a wide scale of different workshops on topics

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Snowapple Trio

Snowapple started out as a musical trio, touring Europe, the USA, Japan, England and Mexico for many years. We released four studio albums and have

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A woman in a top hat holds a model train


Breathing new life into ‘old masters’ with music, theatre and puppetry, Blizzard contrasts the pain and absurdity of war with the joy of creation, openness,

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Writers Residency

The first edition of the Casa Snowapple Mx Writers Residency in Mexico will be held 16-22 January. At this first gathering of women writers, we

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