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Snowapple is an interdisciplinary and international artists' collective that values new encounters, collaborations and artistic experiments. We believe that art is everywhere and that it has no rules other than the ones we want to give it. Our projects include Snowapple, a music group appearing in various formations, the theater troupe Moon Cabaret, Jardin Rouge festival, Casa Snowapple Mx artist residency, the art film A Moonless Night and many more.

We seek to create daring, experimental and contemporary art, which nevertheless speaks to a wide audience; accessible to all, without prejudice of age, culture or origin. Furthermore, we are fighting for art rooted in reality and society; committed to current social issues, raising questions and initiating debate. Snowapple stands for openness of discussion and reflection and believes in a never-ending exploration of thought and awareness.

"Brimming with rich, luscious melodies and bizarre but beautiful chord changes. My mouth was left agape."
Vic Galloway
BBC Radio 1

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