"The 3 young, fresh and non-stop smiling ladies of the Dutch band Snowapple, are incredibly talented, they have a lot of fun when they perform and they create a happy atmosphere. They play with their voices, they are multi-talented, they play dozens of instruments together and they definitely know how to give a show...."(DLS Management)

"These three talented young multi-instrumentalists and singers from Amsterdam are full of musical surprises [...] they charm their audiences with sweet harmonies, light up-beat numbers with a country feel and most of all their quirky, joyful delivery. Snowapple's music is infectious and has a feel-good quality that will put a smile on your face and get your feet tapping."(Rina Vergano, Venue magazine)

"Snowapple is precies de juiste band om een zondagmiddag als deze mee te beginnen. De drie zingende dames in het gezelschap laten hechte samenzang horen, terwijl ze zichzelf begeleiden met o.a. gitaar, viool, accordeon en glockenspiel. Ze worden daarbij subtiel bijgestaan door drie heren op bas, gitaar en slagwerk. Snowapple’s liedjes variëren van lichtvoetige pop tot meer melancholische chansons. In sommige nummers doet de samenzang sterk denken aan de Andrews Sisters, maar daarnaast worden af en toe hele opera-registers opengetrokken (!), wat tot grote bewondering onder het publiek leidt." (3voor12)


Three girls from Amsterdam who sing sweet harmonies and also play a large number of instruments - they are Una , Laurien and Fanny , aka Snowapple.
After one year of touring Europe, playing Paradiso in Amsterdam, Metropolis Studios in England, Kater Holzig in Berlin and many other venues around Europe, they recorded their first album and have signed a record deal with the label V2 (founded by Richard Branson). The album will be released in the Benelux March 2013.
The album is recorded in Studio 150 with the help of producer/engineer Joeri Saal, who has worked with artists such as Paul Weller. It was mastered by engineer Zlaya Hadzich (Sonic Youth, Motorpsycho and Low). The result: a beautiful, dreamy album full of catchy pop/folk numbers in which the discerning listener can hear influences ranging from The Be Good Tanyas and Fleet Foxes to Anais Mitchell and Edith Piaff.
The girls all had musical careers before they joined forces: Laurien has an international career as an opera singer and also performed at many big festivals and stages like Glastonbury and Vive Latino with Gipsy Punk band Polka Madre. Una, is a jazz singer with worldly influences, she joined different bands both in the Netherlands and France and sang on stages as Bimhuis Amsterdam. Fanny is a classically trained singer/composer, at a young age she wrote her first composition performed in the main hall of Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Besides her classical interest she likes chansons and sang Balkan music with the band Amariszi.
Singing old folk songs in three part harmony round Laurien's kitchen table. That's how it started. But Laurien also plays guitar, so she soon got it out of its case. And before too long, Una had bought a mandolin and Fanny had remembered that she could play the violin. One song after another was composed and collectively arranged, whereby the arsenal of instruments grew to include banjo, glockenspiel and accordion. The first incarnation of Snowapple as a multi-instrumental singing spectacle was a fact.