About Snowapple Music

"Andrew Sisters meet Kate Bush meet Kurt Weill meet contemporary classical"

As a multidisciplinary, international ensemble, Snowapple stands out from the crowd. By combining theatre with musical influences as diverse as pop, folk, opera and avant-garde cumbia, the group brings a unique sound to auditoriums and festivals. The wide range of musical instruments, props and costumes that the band deploys on stage makes each show a feast for the eyes – and a treat for the ears.

Snowapple specialises in quirky, philosophical songs and sketches with a socio-cultural slant: expect songs dealing with serious subjects, such as violence against women in Mexico, alternated with light, summery tunes whose Mexican sound gets the audience dancing.

The permanent members of the group are, artistic leader Laurien Schreuder (NL), Puppeteer/mime Nora Tinholt (NL), Cellist/Bass-player Cynthia Martinez (MX), allround musician (Baritone sax, Alt sax, Latin percussion, flute, vocals) and mime Osito ‘Morovon Ropi’ (MX), Theater-director and writer Eva Schumacher (FR).

Members who frequently join the group are Scottisch drummer/ squeekologist Gunga Alan Purves, singers Una Bergin (NL) and Laura Polence (Letland), Jose el Nino Marquez (MX) and Nicola Bruno on the bass (IT) and Matteo Cerboncini on guitar (IT).

Their music has been played multiple times on BBC Radio 1 and the group made several appearances on international TV (Canal11, TV Azteca and Canal22).

The group is currently working on their very first art film, which will be released in 2021…

The new album ‘Wrong Feet’ – release in april (ZIP Records) – and first single of the album, ‘Afternoon’, was released on November 6th (via ZIP Records) with a live show in Amsterdam. Snowapple’s old trio sings in collaboration with an international group of musician friends: Alan Purves (drums), Moro Osito Von Ropi (flute), Breno Virícimo (bass, guitar), Felicity Provan (trumpet), Michael Moore (saxophone).

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